Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, Selena, Selena, Selenaaas!

Who the figgetty F**K did her makeup here? 

I am a huge fan of miss Selena Gomez. 
And by fan, I mean I think she's super cute because I've only seen her on well... nothing. 
(I think she's a wizard??? ) 

Either way, I'm not even mad about her with the Biebs. 
She's pretty, young and has a name I like to say over and over... Selenaaaaasss. Selenaaasssss.

Anyway, this is one beautiful girl whose face is really cute.
Almost a no fail canvas, if you ask me.
So taking her eyebrows and giving her a chola sharpie brow is just ridiculous.

And to be fair, even if the makeup artist wants to blame/credit the 20's and 30's for their barely there brow era, this is just a disaster. This is a girl in her teens, not f**kin Marlene Dietrich, for the love.

This smokey eye look is just too much for her deep set eyes, and on top of that, it has a horrible shape.
It has almost ruined the shape of her eyes, making her eyes look even more close together than they already are! not flattering at all!

Now, she just looks like she got into her mothers makeup, put too much black eyeshadow on, accidently plucked the life out of her brows, decided that pink blush goes well with RED lipstick, and on top of that... glossed her lips with her favorite flavor of sparkly shiny lip smackers chapstick circa 1994!


Let's face it, we all did some form of this in the 8th grade. I know I sure did. Except I was never famous and I was a 10 year old makeup artist, not America's tweenheart who can afford makeup artists left and right. The girl should just hire me, shiieet.

Note to Selena Gomez: whoever did this to you, should so be fired. tis all.

Moral of this FaceMe story:

"a good makeup artist should always know how to accent the proper features"
even when doing an ode to an era.

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