Thursday, March 31, 2011

N-A YA Yai!!! Santanial hot mess alert!

Naya Naya Naya. You have to be my absolute fave on Glee and they let you walk the red carpet looking like this?

Cute dress. sort of.
Safe makeup, nothing new.
and then,

the hair?
oh the horror that is this hair?

I remember when I was 10 years old and I would pretend my long hair was short by clipping it in the back and then pretending that I had a super cute bob all day. Except the only problem was, you could see the clip in the back, and there is nothing that exempts Naya from this issue. Who did your hair doll?

who???? Show me who they are and I will Blitch slap them immediately. Beegeeezus. You think you couldn't make a pretty girl look worse? Well, here's proof that you have to help mother natures natural gifts along. It's called  "leave well enough alone!"

why did they have to do this to your hair? I need an explanation pronto because my eyes are trying to resolve what I'm see and it's just not happening.

Tendril without the wave? just hanging out of the hair for dear life? and what happened to the back????

Ay yay yai! over it. luckily, she's such a bitch on the show. I'll forgive her just this once.

Ms. Naya Rivera aka Santana, you just recieved a "facemePASS" for the week.

forgive and forget. and for godsakes, brush your hair.

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