Saturday, March 12, 2011

JLo? J-No No...

JLo must be J-high off her ass right now if she thinks she is rocking this look. Gross.
First of all.

First of f**kng all,

Ms. Jennifer Lopez, you are the poster woman for BRONZE skin. So how is it you forgot to wear your bronzer on this day? On top of that, you even chose to wear a red lip with no bronzer? really? really?

Second of all,
have you ever heard of a #224 brush from MAC? It's a blending brush, buy a couple. You can afford it.

Third, Third.... Third!!!
that ruby red lip, (aka a blue or cool tone of red lipstick) just doesn't go with your skin tone, especially since you chose to skip on the  bronzer today.

Don't get me wrong, I think any skintone can wear what they want as long as they cater the entire face to that color theme.

But if you're not going to play around the cool tones of this lip, then your warm skin ends up looking like a corpse.
cool reds - almost look pink
warm reds - almost look brown

I would say you were going for the Morticia Adams look, except you're wearing white. So it's safe to say you made a makeup boo boo here.

Go put your signature bronze face back on woman!!!

JLo... J hell no. for this look.

Moral of this FaceMe story:

If you have warm skin like miss JLo, you cannnot wear blue/cool red lipstick with absolutely no bronzer, unless you're goal is to look like Kat Von D, Amy Winehouse or frekin' Minnie Mouse for that matter.

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