Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"FaceMe, Bitch." DISCLAIMER

Dear Wirld Wobe Wed,

Scratch that, World Wide Web.

First, let me start off by saying that there are two things I do best:

and BITCH.

Hands down. You will get no arguments from my friends here.
So this "Bitching Blog" or "BLitch" as I have now coined it, is going to be super raw.


Sorry for mainly two things: profanity and punctuation.

I think I'm going to apologize this one time for any
and all grammatical errors this blog may contain going forward.
Yes, punctuation and spelling are included in this disclamer, friends.

I am, from here on out, going to pledge full discretion of my opinions
as they enter my brain, fly from my fingertips
and reach this screen/page for all you readers to enjoy.
I want my opinions to be raw as possible and fresh off the FaceMe - Bitch conveyor belt,
so that this blog may be truthful to my opinons without hesitation or second thought, or
rough drafts and outlines. Those are just big headaches that creatively block the writing and BLITCHING process... NO OUTLINES. Proofreaders. etc. All this, in mere hopes of being
honestly entertaining and *crossingfingers* also interesting.

If I get any comments regarding my poor punctuation, or grammatical errors or anything of the like -
I will refer you to this entry. (you, spiteful ass)

I will not worry about the blah's of clarifications, continuity, cleverness, etc.
And I definitely will not worry about my writing,
as if this blog is going to be read and GRADED
by an English Professor from the best IVY Leagues here in the U.S. of A.

Hell NO.

I'm just merely going to speak
my piece.
my peace.
and my (insert insert Filipino FOB accent here) PACE. aka my face ;)

or your face, or her face, or whoever's face I feel like
bitching about, raving about or just plain talking about.

I hope to keep you entertained even if you don't like the content.
Feel free to lash out whenever you like, I've made all my posts available to
comments from Anonymous readers as well. I like the challenge.

Let's keep it real.

You no likey, you no read - ee. Cause you "ain't" ready.

FaceMe, Bitch.

'tis all.